Solutions for Your Residential Waste Disposal Needs

Residential Waste Disposal Services

No matter how big or small the job, Archambault Brothers Disposal can meet your waste, recycling and special home project needs with a variety of services — including roll-offs.

As an independent waste hauler, we offer weekly curbside garbage and recycling collection for homeowners within certain Rice County communities. If you reside in any of the following communities we can easily become your go-to refuse hauler:





Have a big project?

View our dumpster and roll-off services to find right the container for the job!

Residential Recycling Services

We offer weekly single-sort curbside recycling pickup for residential customers in Dundas, Faribault, Morristown, and Warsaw.

Our solutions are diverse, ranging from totes and dumpsters to compactors. As a recognized Rice County waste hauler, we work directly with the Rice County Recycling and Waste Reduction Division to ensure your recyclables are handled correctly. This office operates the county recycling facility, processes recyclables for various markets, and maintains a comprehensive recycling program.

Do you want to live in a clean and appealing community while protecting our planet's precious resources?

Archambault Brothers Disposal offers a variety of recycling programs to help reduce the millions of tons of waste and useful materials that end up in Minnesota's landfills each year.

For more information on how to recycle certain products, visit the Rice County, Minnesota, website.

Recycling Do’s and Don’ts

Because there are many items that can be recycled or are unnecessary to recycle, here's a list of what's accepted and not accepted.

Acceptable Items:

  • Aluminum
  • Metal Beverages & Food Cans
  • Cardboard Boxes - Flattened
  • Cereal Boxes
  • Beverage Cartons / Glass Bottles
    • Colored Ok
  • Newspaper/Magazines
  • Phone Books/Mail Papers
  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic #1-7
  • Copy paper / Letterhead / Junkmail
  • Envelopes with / without Windows

Unacceptable Items

  • Appliances / Toilet Sinks
  • Car Batteries / Household Batteries
  • Yard Waste / Food Waste / Diapers
  • Hazardous Waste / Motor Oil
  • Mirrors / Window Glass
  • Computers / Lightbulbs / Tools
  • Food Containers with Food / Pizza Boxes
  • Styrofoam Packaging / Carpet / Leather
  • Wax Paper & Plastic Wrap / Film
  • Ceramic Dishware / Ashes
  • Meat / Dairy Plastic / Paper Packaging
  • Paper Plates / Cups / Napkins
  • Mattresses / Boxsprings